About Us

Vape-MD.ca was created by Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr. Humaira Khan, the founders of MedicorCancer.com and Prevent-Cancer.ca, with the help of Dr. Doug Andrews, in partnership with Smoking Vapor of Phoenix, AZ. The Vape-MD program is designed to address large gaps in the vaping industry in Canada, which have limited the full potential of vaping. These include:

  • no proper education for the public and for health professionals,
  • a complex array of product choices for consumers,
  • low public confidence due to variable quality products, and fear-mongering from competing industries,
  • no cohesive scientific data being presented to the public, and
  • inadequate vape consumer support.

For the fist time in Canada, these issues have been resolved. Please explore the site to see for yourself how this has been accomplished!