SV Battery Information


SV batteries are designed to power your e-cigarette. There are several battery types that range from small to large, in varying styles. The smaller batteries are more discreet and easy to carry but will also need to be recharged more often. Larger batteries will last longer, but are heavier and may be less convenient.

The XL batteries contain a microprocessor and air flow sensor, so they activate your e-cigarette automatically when you inhale. This gives the most natural vaping experience. They are also compact, resembling the size of a regular cigarette.

The Phantom-X batteries require you to press a button to activate your e-cigarette when you inhale. They are larger than the slim XL batteries, and as a result will last longer before needing a re-charge.

The Vogue batteries are larger and more stylish. They work with full-sized tanks and can generate more power to allow you to blow large clouds (if desired).

For vapers who enjoy blowing huge clouds, we recommend the medium and large temperature-controlled batteries. They allow the use of high power settings without overheating the e-liquid. Overheating can burn the liquid and produce carcinogens.

The slim XL batteries require a separate charger, but the larger batteries have a built-in charger and just need to be plugged in to a USB port with a cable.

Note: if you are using the slim XL battery, we highly recommend keeping at least 1 extra on hand, fully charged. You don’t want to be caught with a discharged battery when you feel the need to vape. Then you may be tempted to revert back to smoking cigarettes.