SV E-Liquid Information




SV e-liquids are liquids designed to produce flavourful vapour resembling cigarette smoke (but without the toxins present in real cigarette smoke). E-liquids are also known as “e-juice” or just “juice”. They come in many different satisfying flavours and several strengths of nicotine: high (24mg/ml), medium (18mg/ml), low (9 or 12mg/ml), extra-low (3 or 6mg/ml) and zero. SV e-liquids contain only FDA-approved and Health Canada-approved food additives and vapour-producing ingredients. We able to dispense nicotine e-liquids in Canada legally by compounding locally under the supervision of a physician.

Selected premium e-liquids made by SV partners Innevape and VGOD are now available. For moderate to heavy smokers, we recommend considering the SaltNic liquids made by VGOD. When used correctly with the right SV device, SaltNic liquids with 25 or 50mg/ml of nicotine “salt” can produce a hit of nicotine that is equivalent to a regular cigarette. Therefore the desire to revert back to smoking cigarettes can be effectively eliminated.