Smoke and Vape

Did you know how continuing to smoke while vaping affects your health? When you inhale cigarette smoke, you are breathing chemicals that cause heart disease, cancer and weaken your immune system. Therefore some of the benefits of vaping are being lost. Perhaps you find it is impossible to switch completely. Now there is a better solution for you! Just change over to the SV Mi-Pod paired with a 25 or 50mg/ml NicSalt e-liquid. This is a discreet device that produces  low or moderate vapour clouds and a rapid nicotine “hit” that will satisfy your addiction. If you feel satisfied, you will not have the desire to continue with cigarettes.

SV e-cigarettes with NicSalt e-juices contain food-grade ingredients that produce clouds resembling smoke, but with no smoke and without the dangerous side effects of regular cigarettes. The vapours also contain nicotine “salt” which can help you feel relaxed, more alert or concentrate better, and also prevent nicotine withdrawal. Smokers enjoy Mi-Pods because they get the satisfaction of the nicotine without the smell, yellow teeth and other side effects of breathing actual cigarette smoke.

Modern, Stylish and Advanced

Would you like to experience the latest technology in an advanced and stylish device? Introducing the Mi-Pod devices with pop-in / pop-out refillable pods that hold your favourite flavours of NicSalt e-liquids!

Mi-Pod Vaping Devices

The Mi-Pod devices allow you to use virtually any nicotine e-liquids (up to 80% VG which is a thicker liquid designed for blowing larger clouds). For people who vape and still smoke, we recommend NicSalt 25mg or 50mg juices. NicSalt juices produce the most rapid “hit” of nicotine to satisfy your addition and get rid of nicotine cravings or withdrawal. This device is designed as a “mouth-to-lung” device (to be puffed like a regular cigarette). If you want to take big draws (inhale deeply) and blow big clouds, then we generally suggest to avoid 50mg nicotine strength to prevent nicotine overdose. Fill the included pods with e-liquid, pop the pod into the device until it clicks and you are ready to vape. Puff on it until the liquid runs down, then refill the pod or swap it out with another! Inhaling automatically activates the Mi-Pod vaping device. Recharge the built-in battery with a mini-USB charging cable connected to your computer or a USB wall plug charger. If needed, increase or decrease the nicotine level according to what feels right for you.