We have made considerable efforts to achieve compliance with current Health Canada regulation, and the current (and future) provincial and federal laws. As a medical clinic with medical experts on staff and sound advice from multiple law firms, we are in a unique position to be able to abide by the complex series of regulations relevant to our doctor-designed vaping program.

Humaira Khan, MBBS, MCPS, MHSc

Health Canada Compliance and Bill S5 Compliance

The current Health Canada regulations governing importation and sale of e-cigarettes are:

1. Disposable e-cigarette devices pre-filled with nicotine are classified as drugs and require approval from Health Canada before they can be imported or sold in Canada.

2. E-cigarette devices that do not make any health claims and are not intended to be used for drug or Natural Health Product delivery are not regulated, and can be imported and sold in Canada.

Vape-MD offers SmokingVapor e-cigarette products for sale. SV e-cigarette products are intended for use with flavoured e-liquids composed of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are unregulated by Health Canada. Vape-MD individually compounds SV e-liquids under the supervision of a physician using pure nicotine. Nicotine is classified as a “non-Natural Health Product” by Health Canada up to a certain dose inhaled through an inhalation device, meaning is it not a prescription drug, and not regulated as a Natural Health Product (NHP) in that situation. Therefore we are compliant with the regulations.

We makes no claim that e-cigarettes prevent cancer. Studies to demonstrate this have not been conducted. We only claim that e-cigarettes may facilitate a transition away from carcinogen inhalation (cigarette smoke). It is the act of cutting carcinogen exposure (through whatever means a person chooses) that can prevent cancer or reduce cancer risk, especially when combined with scientifically researched cancer prevention strategies.

We are in the process of emission testing our e-liquids with our devices. Since we carry devices and liquids primarity from a single premium manufacturer, we exepect to achieve Bill S5 complaince by the time the bill becomes law.

Ontario Bill 174 Compliance

Once the new E-Cigarette Act comes into force, the following Medicor policies will be active:

1. We are not a vape shop or an e-cigarette retail store. Our online virtual store is our only retail e-cigarette sales center. Customers will not be able to simply walk in and buy e-cigarette products from our office. These must be purchased online though the virtual store. Office pickup is available for products that are pre-ordered online. We have iPads available in the office for customers to view our e-cigarette products and purchase if desired.

2. Customers will not be permitted to walk in to view our e-cigarette products. You may view the products through the online virtual store, place an order, and come to the office for pickup rather than having the product shipped. It is also possible to pre-order online from within the office, and pick up immediately. You may inspect the purchased product(s) in the office and request an immediate refund for any products that you don’t need or are not satisfied with. You may also try the product(s) in the office and request a refund for any refundable items if you are not satisfied. No re-stocking fees apply in this case. Please see our Refund Policy for details.

3. Since we are a medical clinic that conducts e-cigarette research, you are permitted to participate in the research and vape within the office. We have HEPA filtration to trap e-cigarette vapour in designated vaping areas. We have former smokers on staff who can help you learn about e-cigarettes.

College of Physicians and Surgeons Policy Compliance

We work hard to maintain compliance with the following relevant policies (among others):
Policy # 1-10 – Drug prescribing and dispensing
Policy # 3-11 – Complementary / Alternative Medicine
Policy # 2-14 – Physicians’ Relationships with Industry: Practice, Education and Research
Policy # 3-14 – Telemedicine