SV Charger Information


SV chargers are specially designed for optimal charging of SV e-cigarette slim XL batteries. Other larger battery styles have built-in chargers and only require a mini-USB cable. 

There are 2 USB chargers, one with no cord (very compact), and one with a cord (slightly larger but easier to plug battery in where space is tight).  These chargers will plug into any standard USB port located in your computer or car. If you wish to plug the charger directly into the wall, a wall plug adapter is available. If your car does not have a USB port and you wish to charge the SV battery in your car, a car cigarette lighter adapter is available.

Experience tells us that you should not hesitate to buy all the chargers you need, especially since they are very affordable. Why? Because you don’t want to be caught at home / at work / in the car with a discharged battery when you feel the need to vape! Otherwise you may revert back to smoking a cigarette.