The Premier Canadian Doctor-Supported Vaping Program

Our Message to Smokers is "DON'T QUIT - CHANGE"!


The Keys to Your Success in Making the Change!

For the first time, Vape-MD has created a comprehensive vaping program designed to address large gaps in the vaping industry in Canada, which have limited the full potential of vaping. Vape-MD includes:

  • SCIENCE for consumers – a collection of e-cigarette research and explanation of the research in a way that anyone can understand!
  • SCIENCE for healthcare professionals – comprehensive e-cigarette education for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, naturopaths and other health professionals
  • SIMPLICITY – e-cigarette and e-liquid products from a very limited range of manufacturers (Smoking Vapor of Phoenix, AZ and their partners only), to take the confusion out of e-cig selection and improve quality control
  • SAFETY – first independently safety-tested e-cig/e-juice combinations in Canada, including emission testing! (ready for federal e-cig law compliance)
  • SATISFACTION – carefully designed e-cigarette product bundles designed to give smokers a satisfying experience without a lot of trial and error, and from the comfort of your home!
  • SUPPORT – customer support backed by a medical team, and e-cig products backed by a hassle-free warranty!
I need reliable education before I can recommend vaping to my patients.

“I feel better, I can actually breathe better, and I started my work out. Eating extremely healthy. Doing great. Thanks for introducing me to this amazing e-cig. And I quit that nasty dangerous habit of smoking cigarettes, and smelling  nasty.  I can smell, and have started to taste better. Thanks once again.”  

 ” I have quit smoking after 25 years…the e-cig actually works. And thanks to you for offering it to me. I realized many different aspects of my life without the cigarette, i don’t smell like an ashtray. Blessings to you, and you staff.”

 “I have been smoking for 34 years. I have tried to quit smoking with devices, drugs, nicotine gum and numerous “cold turkey” attempts. Two weeks was the longest that I had lasted without smoking…upon buying the e-cigarette, I finished the remaining cigarettes that I had, and after that, began using the e-cigarette. I found that it took the edge off, and it turns out that for me, it became a parachute.”

“It’s been about 4 months, and I haven’t smoked cigarettes since starting the e-cigarette, and I’ve completely lost the urge to smoke cigarettes and I have no more morning phlegm and cough. Furthermore, using the e-cigarette has been an easy transition for me, and I have had no difficulty with it.”

“…a quality product…truly worked for me.”